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Having dug out the essence of my old hydraulics notes from the depths of my memory I can now clothe my assertion that the WhipMag phenomena is hydraulic jump analog with a more detailed explanation.

Essentially the WhipMag splits the magnetic flow into sub-critical and super-critical flow. This gives rise to a quasi-hydraulic jump which releases the energy from the opposing pressures of the electromagnetic and strong forces in the same way that energy is released by the power steering in your car. A small amount of energy put into to the steering wheel releases a large amount of energy from the power steering cylinder.

How this is possible is explained by the following extract from the second of three programmes broadcast by the BBC with the title of ATOM.

By the late forties scientists began to investigate the implications of the way nuclear stability of atoms varied. They noticed one very strange fact about the nuclear stability of one particular atom. Of all the ninety two different elements, of the ninety two different types of atoms that make up the universe around us, gases like hydrogen and oxygen, solids like carbon and silicon, metals like gold and silver, one is special, iron.

So what makes iron so special? It stems from the unique structure of its nucleus. The twenty six protons, along with the neutrons, combine in a very special way to make iron incredibly stable. For some reason nature has decreed this as the number that allows the strong force and the electromagnetic force to balance each other perfectly.

In other words iron is at the critical point in relation to opposing SF-EMF opposing fluxes.

After these things, I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth,
holding the four winds of the earth,
that they should not blow upon the earth nor upon the sea nor on any tree.


instaurare omnia in Christo
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