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Thu Apr 19, 2007 1:39 pm PostPost subject: Most important question
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A thread with this title appeared some days ago on the Steorn forum. The 'important question' turned out to be

"is 0.5w/ccm enough to make it hover?"

Now to anyone with a brain cell, this is clear evidence that you have an idiot on your hands. (A hydrogen balloon can hover with NO power output) The first reply was encouraging, deriving a spoof formula "SH/T", but alas, it was followed by a series of the most uninformed, stupid, thoughtless posts I have ever seen - "A lithium-ion battery is powerful enough to hover" for instance. Or "It depends on the power/weight ratio". Actually, it depends on neither!

There was a major discussion on the huge problem of what if the output was reciprocating and doing so slowly, but a "drmike" opined that it could easily be cured by a flywheel and a motor because "silicon is light, and therefore brushless motors are easy these days" God knows what his doctorate is in. I suspect its basketry, but if it's physics he should hang his head in shame.

I am not too surprised that this is the level of understanding that allows people to believe almost anything, but am a little disappointed that (As far as I know) otherwise normal human beings can fail to make even the simplest logical deduction. Or, alternatively, when they are out of their depth to refrain from comment.

It is a mark of pride to have been thrown off such a forum!
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