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Thu Nov 09, 2006 4:42 am PostPost subject: Capn Razz Introduction

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Hi All,

capnrazz from the Steorn forum.

Audio/video systems design engineer by trade.
Sailing and Tai Chi are hobbies.
Pretty good background and general knowledge of physics, though I am a little rusty on higher level math.

My favorite physics professor was a research physicist in electromagnetics for RCA labs during the early years of TV. He was one of the key developers and patent holders for the NTSC color TV technology. When I knew him he taught for a salary of one dollar a year and his own private lab at Furman University.

I have been researching electric propulsion systems for boats for several years now. This has developed into a sophisticated mathematical model for predicting performance of electric propulsion in boats as a design tool. The model is tracking a variety of actual boats with an accuracy of +/-15%. Not bad considering all of unknown variables involved.

All of the interesting links and activities around Steorn have piqued a renewed interest in physics and electromagnetics.
Alternate energy must become more than a fringe activity quickly if human civilization as we know it is to survive this century.
I have seen some interesting principles demonstrated in things like Naudin's SMOT that suggest Steorn's technology could be real.
But I have yet to see a demonstration of anything that violates COE or is over unity as mainstream physics would define those terms. I think physicists in general (except for string theorists) are getting a bad rap from people who don't understand the true nature of the science.
Most of these so called OU devices die a quiet death for one very simple reason. They don't work.

So here's to the Quest for the real thing. Free energy. When it is found it will conform to the laws of physics, though our understanding of those laws may change as a result. Not because some physicist said so, but because that's the way the universe really works.


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Thu Nov 09, 2006 9:43 am PostPost subject:
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Pleased to have you on board. Very Happy
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