fun with simple apparatus

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Mon May 07, 2007 9:11 pm PostPost subject: fun with simple apparatus
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Hi WaBoy! (and everyone else!)
Here is a suggestion for some fun and enlightening experiments that can be performed with some simple apparatus:

1) A strong torus (ring, donut) NdB magnet polarized on the faces--mark the faces to distinguish polarity
2) A transparent acrylic or polycarbonate tube that will fit through the hole in the above ring magnet
3) A strong NdB cylinder magnet, polarized end-wise, that will slide freely in the bore of the above tube--mark the ends, ditto
4) A non-magnetic pushrod, like a wooden dowel, long enough to push the cylinder magnet all the way through the tube
5) Some good safety glasses

With this apparatus you can explore magnetic levitation, magnetic suspension, non-contact magnetic couplings that transmit "pushes" as well as "pulls", a simple magnetic "shooter" (Please be careful! You may be surprised!) and some other things that might look like excess energy output.
If you have access to a bunch of different magnets, some combinations of cylinder magnet length and ring magnet diameter may work better than others.

I'll leave the actual procedures to the readers--hint: try all possible combos of pole orientations, as well as vertical positioning of the apparatus, and pushes with the dowel.

Please be very careful with your magnets--they can pinch your skin if allowed to snap together, or red-hot little pieces can spall off and fly thru the air, with danger to eyeballs, pets, spouse, children, etc.
"Abandon hope, all ye who enter here..."
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