SeaEm claims he learned nothing in the spud club

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Fri Dec 18, 2009 5:16 am PostPost subject: SeaEm claims he learned nothing in the spud club
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An interesting post from SeaEm. I've no idea if he's in the SKDB/OS or whatever they're calling it now, but I've no reason to doubt such a simple claim.

If he is, it reminds me of the reason that I didn't continue on from the SPDC into the SKDB -- it was a giant waste of time. Nothing happened, we never learned anything about Steorns new physics or specifics about any of the Orbos. I figured the SKDB/OS would be more of the same.

babcat and Chillean One have both contradicted SeaEm's claims in earlier posts. Take it for what it's worth.

It's being saved ... to protect it from being deleted (the whole point of the saved posts area)

SeaEm 4 hours ago (c. 5:00am GMT)

I'm a SPUD member and I have absolutely no qualms about breaking my NDA because it's worthless. Steorn have nothing, never had anything and can try and do what the hell they like to stop me saying that. In fact it's so transparent they have nothing that I find it truly staggering there are those that can't see the truth.

If you hadn't noticed there's a God damn battery driving the thing.

This was after they claimed to have a mechanical free-energy device that was never demonstrated to anyone. Followed by a self-sustaining rotational device at Kinetica that never worked and was never seen. These had no batteries (but of course never worked anyway). Oh and no video of anything at all. And now they have something that moves but it has a battery. And even now Steorn aren't stupid enough to claim the thing is self-sustaining. They now claim 'it's probably OU', but only when you take all energy calculations into effect, including heat loss.

So they can change the battery, and still keep up the pathetic pretence that it's OU.

And don't begin on the Jury. Can't anyone remember that the Jury was it - it was the only thing Steorn was going on about and would, without a shadow of a doubt prove beyond question they had what they claimed. Until, whoops, the Jury said it was all bollocks. Turns out the Jury weren't shown anything either. And yet Sean claims he had a device running for weeks before the Jury even existed. Hell he did.

Come on guys - I've experienced die-hard fundamentalist religious attitudes before now (I have a very bright friend who swears blind the earth was created in 7 days because the bible says so). But believing Steorn, after all this, makes him look like a rational guy.

So the NDA is not worth the paper it's written on, and I guarantee they will do nothing about anyone who breaks it, because then they'd have to prove they have something. Which of course they can't (been they've been trying for three years or more and haven't proven or shown anything at all to anyone).

I feel sad for the poor investors who've been taken for a 14m ride. Er, no I don't because if you're stupid enough to invest in magic without proof you deserve to lose your money. Derren Brown is a hell of lot more convincing, but at least he's honest enough to admit it's all faked.

He continues some 2 hours later:

Yes I am (was) a SPUD member. I'm a rational engineer, but open minded enough to join up in then first place, read everything they had, some of it even possibly believable. I've even met and discussed things with Sean - a charming guy to be sure. Sounds and acts as if he's totally honest.

But the Kinetica event was when the start of a never ending litany of failed promises. That's when alarm bells started ringing because I too have had high-profile new technology launches, where I know perfectly well things can go wrong. But Sean's reaction to the failure was all wrong. And since that point every single thread of evidence (or lack of) has made me, now, totally convinced it's a sham (the Jury came to the same conclusion).

The pathalogical's are those, like my fundamentalist friend, who have become totally blind to the self-evident truth.

I'm perfectly happy to break by NDA because there was nothing of any value at all disclosed. And just as nothing of any value was disclosed to the SPUD club, and then nothing to the Jury, and then it was the magnificent seven who didn't deliver (ooh, was that part of the NDA I can't remember), and then it was the second 'special' SPUD group, they got nothing either, and so it goes on with the SPDC, and the 300. Sean delaying, procrastinating as long as possible, failing *on every single promise ever given*.

Honestly three years of BS, and NO evidence whatsoever of any working device ever having existed, not to the SPUD club or its successors, or the public should be enough for any sane, rational person to understand the reality. And surely the final straw for any last die-hards has to be a battery driven motor claiming to be OU!

What does it take to snap you out of your illusion?

But just as I know trying to persuade my friend that the bible cannot be the literal truth, he cannot, will not be persuaded. Just so it is with the few, very few, remaining die-hard believers left here. Irrational beyond belief. Or perhaps I should say belief beyond the rational.

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