2009 Demo Day 1: Summary

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What Should We Expect Tomorrow?

This is as good as it gets. Enjoy watching the electric motor all week.
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We'll see something better over the next 6 weeks
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Day 1 was a joke. we'll see something better tomorrow.
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This is all we'll see. The device is clearly OU.
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Other (Explained below)
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Wed Dec 16, 2009 5:20 am PostPost subject: 2009 Demo Day 1: Summary
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In case anyone missed it, Steorn began their first functioning public demo today with live streaming over the internet.

I'm starting to wonder if today wasn't all just a big joke.

Things that were wrong:

1) The thing has a battery. (Seriously, WTF?)

2) There were reports of swapping out e-Orbos throughout the day.

3) I watched the thing slow WAY down (just before camera 1 went black) only to have the thing spinning up at full speed when camera 1 came back on. (Sightings of the tacho man with screwdriver were reported during this period)

4) Babcat hasn't said a word all day.

This is not a successful display of over-unity technology. The performance today was so poor, in fact, that it couldn't have been accidental.

I've seen more convincing OU stuff slapped together by high-school dropouts on youtube.

No one, least of all a trained engineer, could have produced such an inept display accidentally. Day 1 has to be a wind-up, a gag, a joke. (How could anyone possibly be this incompetent?)

I'm going to guess that the Sublime Inner Circle of the Orbo Sphere was in on the gag. I don't know how else to explain their silence. (You'd have expected a defense like "this is what we expected" or, failing that, some anger about being fooled.)

We've got quite a few days left; the demo ends on the 23rd. They couldn't possibly keep this gag running that long. Let's see if they put out something better tomorrow.
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Wed Dec 16, 2009 7:42 am PostPost subject:
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Yes, I agree with above post.

First day of demo is incompetent PR disaster and for every honest technician clear shame.

McCarthy clearly stated on forum: Power density is PRETTY HIGH.

Thus how way will this box sized ORBO drive a fridge or air condition, when it is not capable drive even symbolic propeller?

At Kinetica demo time, they prepare yoke when plan was: Last day of demo CD plastic disc will lift 10 grams of weight.

Yeah, Aerospace engineers was stunned with this power.

Maybe for this year demo it is similar plan.

Last day before Christmas this few thousands dollar ORBO (+13 million development costs) will lift 10 grams of weight (with help of inertial energy)
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